Introducing the Borrower Portal

We’ve literally opened the vault to let you in!  Join our network today and get access the Castle Commercial Capital Borrower Portal.  The quickest and most efficient way to get your loan prequalified – enter the details of your proposed loan transaction directly into our system.  This is unheard of… but it’s happening, and it’s FAST!  Register today!

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Submitting your loan has never been EASIER or FASTER.  By creating your own personal login ID and password, you will be given direct access to input your loan into the Castle Commercial Capital loan portal.  This is the quickest way for us to get you a term sheet if your loan qualifies.  

How it works:

1.  Complete the form below to set up an account in our portal.

2.  It automatically signs you into the portal.

3.  Submit the details of your loan transaction.

4.  Check your email for an account confirmation email. 

Once your loan is approved, the portal provides one central access point for all of your loan documents and allows us to order the reports and services needed to get your loan closed and funded quickly and efficiently.

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