Business Credit Cards Provide Financial Flexibility

The Flexible Funding You Need To Succeed

We can help you acquire business credit cards by leveraging the strength of your personal credit. 

Just hit the green button to “Credit Card Prequalification Review” and attach a  FULL COPY of your personal credit report from within the last 30 days and we can let you know the expected level of business credit card capacity for which you may qualify.

Achieve Your Business Goals:

  • Help fund your new business

  • Market to new clients

  • Acquire new equipment or supplies

  • Build a website and start online marketing

  • Create great new products or servicesPre

Business Credit Card Benefits

  • Grow your business with credit lines up to $200,000

  • Flexible, only pay interest on funds you use

  • Will not hurt your personal credit


  • Feedback within a few business days

  • Funding within a few weeks

  • Enjoy introductory rates as low as 0%

  • Apply Now!  Don’t miss this opportunity to see if you qualify!

Frequently Asked Questions

Funding is typically around five times the maximum limit on your highest personal credit card.

To qualify you must have a history of good personal credit with mostly on-time payments and limited late payments, collections and closed accounts. 

If you have used a high percentage of your available credit, have a bankruptcy showing on your credit report, or if you have multiple recent credit inquiries, you likely won’t qualify.

If you get denied, we may be able to recommend actions you can take to increase your chances of getting approved.

More than 40% of our clients start with a credit partner.  A credit partner (i.e. business partner, spouse, or relative) is someone who temporarily assists you by guaranteeing your funding until you can increase your credit worthiness to take over the responsibility.

Banks often limit exposure to individual customers and have restrictions limiting exposure on their various product lines.  You may be denied by your bank even though you may actually qualify for additional credit.

There are hundreds of credit card issuers, by applying through us, we will select those that are more likely to accept your particular credit situation and approve your application.  And, by selecting multiple issuers, we create competition, which results in the best rates and introductory offers for you.

It’s always a good idea to have credit lines through multiple credit card issuers.  If one seeks to limit exposure, you still have relationships with others willing to provide you with access to capital for your business.

You can use it for any legitimate business purpose.  Just like your personal credit card it’s up to you how you use your credit.

Business loans are typically approved for a specific purpose, limiting your financial flexibility.  Plus, as you pay down the loan you no longer have access to that capital.

The good thing about credit card debt is that you only pay interest on the outstanding balance, not on the entire credit line.

Revolving Credit means that as you pay down the principal you’ve borrowed, you get to spend those dollars again without having to get re-approved by the bank.  This is a HUGE benefit over a business loan.

Business Credit Cards are not free, but they are an efficient business funding strategy.  While there is an initial cost, that cost is minimal when spread out over the lifetime of the credit cards.  

Most of our clients use their newly obtained Business Credit Cards to pay the initial cost.

“Successful business owners and investors choose their partners wisely.  We work closely with you to develop and execute funding strategies to meet your unique business needs.”

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