The Perfect Combination: Access to Capital and Ability to Close Sales

Check out our Business Line of Credit – designed to help you thrive on both the sales AND the expense side of your business.

  • True Unsecured Line of Credit

    Go online and transfer funds directly to your bank - no need for convenience checks.

  • No Personal Guarantee

    Where else can a startup get funding without a Personal Guarantee!

  • No Personal Credit Reporting

    Keep your business and personal credit reports separate. Won’t increase your personal debt ratios.

  • No Hard Credit Inquiry

    No inquiry on your personal credit. No score drops or subsequent denials due to too many inquiries.

  • No Bank Statements or Tax Returns Needed

    Get approved with simple application and docs to confirm your identity and that of your business.

  • Funding Grows With Your Business

    Credit Line is eligible for increase as often as every three months (with additional financial documentation).

  • Easy Auto-Repayment

    Automatically repaid from the linked merchant account. No need to worry about making a minimum. payment

  • Builds Business Credit

    Reports to D&B and Experian Business. Helps improve your business credit rating so you secure better funding over time.

  • Staff Cards with Limits

    Get cards for key business employees with preset spending limits. Empower staff, resolve expenses, limit risk.


Castle Business Credit, a division of Castle Commercial Capital, helps Business Owners get access to the capital needed to invest in their business.
Since our inception in 2007, our focus has been to help business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs realize their dreams by providing access to capital.  Whether you’re just starting your business, or looking for millions in capital to expand, we develop custom financing solutions to help you reach your unique business objectives. 
We Succeed when You Succeed!
People with great investment opportunities, robust business visions, and realistic expansion plans get turned down by banks EVERY DAY!  If you’ve got an idea for a successful business, or you want to take your business to the next level, let our team help you get the funding you need. 

Malcolm Turner

President & CEO
Castle Commercial Capital
“Successful business owners and investors choose their partners wisely.  We work closely with you to develop and execute funding strategies to meet your unique business needs.”

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