Get Approved For A Commercial Mortgage  

Whether you’re an experienced real estate investor or just beginning your journey, check out this video to learn valuable tips on How to Qualify for a Commercial Loan.

This 5-minute video on how lenders look at commercial mortgage opportunities will help you understand how to bring a deal that gets approved. 

Learn the importance of the 4 C’s upon which lenders focus when evaluating your real estate deal.  Get these right and greatly improve your odds of getting approved!


The process of obtaining a real estate loan is relatively straightforward, but the devil is in the details.  No loan gets final approval for funding without the sign-off of the Underwriter and the Legal Department.  We help guide you through the four phases of the process to make sure that all of the i’s get dotted and the t’s get crossed so you can secure your funding. 

Loan Prequalification:  Submit prequalification form with preliminary property, borrower, and loan information to see if your loan meets lending criteria.

Preliminary Loan Offer:  Receive preliminary loan offer with loan rate, terms & conditions.  If offer is acceptable, then sign and return it, complete the loan application and pay the due diligence deposit.

Due Diligence Period:  Submit all documentation required by lender to verify income, property financial performance, owners, investors, budget, operating agreements, expenses, etc.  Appraisal, title work, and survey are ordered. 

Final Approval & Closing:  Receive final loan terms.  If acceptable sign and submit with loan commitment fee.  Loan closing is scheduled with title company.  Loan closes, funds are dispersed, loan related fees are paid.


We offer many different loan programs to suite the requirements of your project, and your needs as a borrower.  Below are the basic details of some the most popular loan programs.  There are many additional loan programs beyond those listed below, and one of those may be right for you.  (Note:  market conditions do cause fluctuations in loan programs, rates, and fees. Therefore, the information below is subject to change.)

Please call us about your specific project and we can determine the best loan program for you, and, discuss current rates and the latest loan program details.  

Freddie Mac Small Balance Apartment Loan Program

Freddie Mac’s program is ideal for stabilized multifamily properties with good cash flow.

Loan Purpose:

Acquisition and Refinance 

Loan Amount:

Min $750,000 to $7,000,000 

Maximum Loan to Value:



5, 7, or 10 years 

Blanket Loan for SFR and Multi-Family Portfolios

Blanket Loans, aka Portfolio Loans, are for pools of at least 5 properties that are stabilized with good cash flow.  

Loan Purpose:

Acquisition or Portfolio Refinance w/Cash Out

Loan Amount:

$500k to $100 Million

Loan to Value:

Up to 75% LTV


5 or 10 years

HUD/FHA Multi-Family Housing Insured Loan Program

HUD’s Multifamily program is a good option for the construction, substantial rehabilitation, purchase and refinancing of multifamily housing projects.  HUD funding will generally take longer and have more requirements, but provides the lowest interests rates and longest amortization available from any lender.

Loan Purpose:

Acquisition or Refinance

Loan Amount:

Min $2,500,000, no maximum

Maximum Loan to Value: 

83.3-85.0%, 80% cash out


35 years (no balloon payment required)

Loan Purpose: 

New Construction or Substantial Rehabilitation

Loan Amount:

Min $4,000,000, no maximum

Maximum Loan to Value:



40 years (no balloon payment required)

Commercial Hard Money – Bridge Loans

We offer fast, equity-based loans to borrowers who cannot qualify for a bank loan or who simply need capital quickly. All hard money loans are secured by commercial properties. ​ Loans are available on most property types, including multifamily apartments, office, retail, industrial, warehouse, mixed-use, self-storage, or special purpose facilities. These lenders have the most flexibility and properties in any condition will be considered.

Loan Purpose:

    • Purchase
    • Refinance
    • Cash-Out Equity
    • Rehab

Loan Amounts:

$200,000 to $15,000,000


    • 65% for Refinance
    • 70% for Purchase

Loan Term:

1 – 3 years, interest only

Fast Closes:   Average deal closes in 10-14 days  

Low FICO score acceptable:  Marginal Credit Ok

NO Financials:  No Tax Returns, No Documents, Stated Options

NO Debt Service Coverage Ratio Requirements

NO Seasoning Requirements for Title or Funds

1st & 2nd Mortgages, Cross Collateral

Single Family Residential

Fix N Flip Loan Program 

Short-term bridge loans for purchase and rehab of Single Family Residential.  100% of rehab cost included in loan.

Loan Purpose:

Acquisition, Rehab and/or Refinance

Loan Amount:

Min $100,000 to $1,300,000 

Maximum Loan to Value:

Up to 90% of purchase, 100% of rehab, 70% of ARV


12-24 months 

SFR & Multifamily

Long-Term Rental Loans

Long-term loans for residential rentals with no personal Debt-to-Income requirements.

Loan Purpose:

Acquisition or Refinance, Cash Out Options Available

Loan Amount:

Minimum – SFR $100,000 / Multifamily $250,000

Maximum – SFR $2 million / Multifamily $3 million

Loan to Value:

SFR up to 80% LTV for Acquisition, 70-75% LTV for Refinance

Multifamily Acquisition up to 75%, Refinance 70-75% LTV


30 years

SBA 7(a) Business Loan Program

If you owner-occupy 51% or more of the property, you will need to use an SBA loan.  The SBA programs are generally intended to encourage small business investment in real estate, equipment, working capital and inventory.  These loans can be for up to $5 million and have maturities of up to 25 years for real estate and up to 10 years for equipment, working capital, or inventory.  Visit our Business Loans page to learn more.