Designed by people who love real estate funding – for people who love to get funded.  It’s simple:
  1. Find a property
  2. See if it qualifies for funding
  3. Submit it to Castle
  4. Get funded 
  5. Repeat!
Use it anywhere.  When your on a walk-thru, enter the property details on the spot to see if the property qualifies for funding!  
Don’t have a specific property in mind, that’s okay, too.  You can connect easily to your favorite property sites (Loopnet, CREXI, CityFeet & Zillow) with direct links in the app. 
Prequalify deals quickly – don’t spend time on site visits for properties that don’t qualify for funding!
When you’ve found a property and are ready for funding, you can submit your deal right from the App as well.   
Join our network and get secure access to our Borrower Portal and track the progress of your funding.  One simple location for contact information, due diligence materials & loan documents.
As always, every loan still goes through the full underwriting process to obtain a loan commitment.  And, in the spirit of full transparancy, there may be other factors that cause a deal that appears promising to be denied.  However, the “Loan Qualifiers” in the App will get you over many of the initial underwriting hurdles. 
And, if for some reason your deal doesn’t qualify, the App will tell you why.  Often it’s as simple as bringing in a credit partner or maybe you need a bridge loan, rather than long-term financing.
Click on the pictures below for a description of the different Loan Qualifiers!

SFR Fix N Flip Qualifier

Fix N Flip Loan Qualifiers

For real estate investors looking to turn a quick profit by rehabbing and selling property. If your deal qualifies we'll fund 100% of the rehab costs, plus fund part of the acquisition or help you pull out equity on a refinance.

Multifamily Rehab Qualifier

Multifamily Rehab Qualifier

Multifamily Rehab loans are used to either get a property to Move-In Ready condition or to upgrade a property to improve occupancy and increase rental income. This short-term loan is refinanced into a long-term rental loan upon completion & lease up.

Long-Term Rental Loans

Long-Term Rental

The App has Qualifiers for both Multifamily & SFR Long-Term Rentals. Rental loans are for properties that are "Move-In Ready" and meet minimum occupancy requirements. The App also provides an estimate of the maximum loan size and the property's net monthly cash flow.

Fix to Rent Qualifier

SFR Fix-to-Rent Qualifer

The Fix to Rent Qualifier evaluates the potential to buy a property as a Fix N Flip, but rather than sell it, refinance and lease it with a Long-Term Rental loan. You may still choose to sell, but it's always good to understand your options.

Bridge Loan Qualifier

Bridge Loan Quailfier

Bridge Loans are short-term loans (12-24 months) used to close quickly on Multifamily, SFR, Commercial properties that do not qualify for traditional financing because of poor condition, low occupancy, or poor financials. Use the App to see if a bridge loan works for your deal.

Commercial Rental Loans

Commercial Rental Loans

Commercial Rental loans are for Office, Medical, Retail, Light Industrial, Warehouse and other commercial properties that are "Move-In Ready" & meet minimum occupancy req'ts. The App provides an estimate of the max.mum loan size and net monthly cash flow.
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