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Looking to Purchase, Refinance, or Rehab Commercial Real Estate? 

Castle Commercial Capital provides financing for commercial real estate investors and business owners nationwide. We can finance investment property, owner-occupied commercial buildings, or fund construction projects.  We offer fixed, low-rate, government-sponsored & insured loans such as FHA/HUD, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, or SBA.  We also offer access to the private capital of institutional funds and private investors to provide you with maximum flexibility.


Our President and CEO Malcolm Turner has taken his vast experience in financing commercial real estate and made it possible for CRE investors everywhere to implement the secrets of financing highly profitable deals through his new book: 

Financing the Unbankable Deal

Learn to use BLISS, the Bridge Loan Investor Success Strategy, to grow your portfolio quickly 

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Luxury, Market Rate, and Affordable Housing; Senior and Student Housing


Owner-Occupied or Commercial Medical Office, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes


Single-Tenant, Multi-Tenant, & Owner-Occupied Retail; Credit Tenant Leases


Self-Storage: Refinance or shovel-ready  new construction 


Owner-Occupied, Single-Tenant and Multi-Tenant Office Properties


Loans for most other forms of commercial real estate will also be considered: 

  • Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Single Family Residential: 1-4 units (Fix &  Flip, Rental Loans)
  • Portfolio Loans for Single Family Residential and Multifamily properties
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive (Sales, Service, Parks)

Our Client Value Proposition consists of three key services:

  1. Underwrite & Package: We underwrite and prepare your loan package to identify any issues prior to submission and to strengthen your proposal.

  2. Select & Submit: We place your loan with carefully selected lenders/investors who actively fund your specific property type and transaction structure.

  3. Assist to Close: We assist you in structuring the financing terms to accomplish your financial objectives and in closing the transaction.


Our mission is to provide the high-quality financial products with best-in-class professional service. 

We understand that everyone’s situation is unique and realize that most business owners and real estate investors will struggle to obtain bank financing and if you’re reaching out to us, you really need our help!

When banks say “NO”… we turn that into “YES”.  We help Real Estate Investors, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs gain access to the funding they need to successfully grow their business and maximize their financial return through acting as partner, coach and advisor. 

We Succeed When You Succeed!!

Malcolm Turner

President & CEO
Castle Commercial Capital


In 2007, Malcolm Turner and Reginald Caldwell, Jr. founded Castle Commercial Capital with the vision of providing commercial financing solutions for the commercial real estate community nationwide. In 2008, Reginald passed on to Glory but his tremendous vision and commitment to excellence lives on in our corporate values of Integrity, Service, and Innovation.


Our team is excited to partner with you and to be your Real Estate Finance Experts. Castle Commercial Capital is both a lender and a broker with access to a deep investor base, a network of vetted lending partners, and financial products. 

The Castle Commercial Capital team of highly-skilled finance specialists will work closely with you to develop a custom financing solution.  

As a trusted partner you can count on us to bring you the most innovative and cost effective capital.  


Our loan officers will guide you through the loan process and make it as easy as possible.  As we go through the transaction together, we help you to understand:

    • The loan process

    • Which loan is best for you and why

    • How to satisfy all of the requirements to get your loan funded 

Our experience has shown us that the better our clients understand these things, the quicker they move through the loan process and get their funding. 



Most investors and owners spend a lot of time and effort to stay informed on the many factors that influences their ability to invest and impacts their investment values.

We’re here to help you get your funding and to answer your questions along the way.  We’re also happy to share our knowledge and experience and to act as an advisor.  If you’re a business owner or a real estate investor, we’re sure you’ll find our videos both interesting and informative.  If you want to learn more, check out our YouTube Channel:

Check out this short video to see what topics we cover on our YouTube channel.  

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“Successful business owners and investors choose their partners wisely.  We work closely with you to develop and execute funding strategies to meet your unique business needs.”

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